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A collection of thoughts and stories.

Hi! How are you today?
Before you read this, I suggest that you take a moment to ground yourself. Move away from any distractions, and once you’re in a more serene space, take a deep breath. Take two, in fact. You’re alive, man!
I hope to have your full attention for the next six minutes or so because we should talk…

When’s the last time you appreciated anything? And I don’t mean ‘appreciate’ in the literal sense that we’ve all become so accustomed to. I’m not talking about the last time you said thank you or such appreciative words. …

We’ve come such a long way as a species, and our progress has been nothing short of astonishing. We’ve overcome so much. We’ve been through the most, but novel challenges are now upon us.

As we progress through life, we experience three stages in our relationships with others:

  • Dependence
  • Independence
  • Interdependence


We’re dependent when we rely on others (parents, caregivers, relatives, friends or spouses) for everything. We look to these people to satisfy our own physiological, safety, social, esteem and self-actualization needs. In the maturity continuum, dependence is the paradigm of you. …

Photo by miro polca on Unsplash

We spend so much of our lives trying to mitigate and evade pain, but by the time we notice, it’s too late. We’ve wasted too much time, or we’ve felt far too little of what we wanted, and we lost our chance.

Every day we have to choose between that which is easy and that which is worthwhile, and I’ve always said, every choice has a cost.

We’re so afraid of rejection that we put up with people and their actions, all the while knowing we shouldn’t, deep down.

We’re so crippled by the judgements and opinions of other people…

Image from Pixabay

Happy New Year!

We just started a new year, and as you know, there’s so much expectation, promise, and hope. Some of us have goals some of us don’t. Maybe we’ve written them down, perhaps we haven’t. We tell ourselves that “This year we’ll be more intentional,” or “This is the year. We’ll set our goals, and we’ll achieve all of them.” I’m all for having goals, but I’d like to ask you a question. Why do you think less than 8% of people achieve their new year resolutions or goals?

Discipline, clarity and intent definitely play a huge part…

Image courtesy of Pexels

Why do some people have better impulse control than others?
Why do some people achieve their goals while others don’t?
Why do some people set and stick to a self-defined standard like no drinking or no smoking while others struggle to keep their desires in check?
It all boils down to discipline and self-control.

So what is discipline?
I think that discipline is the ability to follow set rules diligently.

What about self-control?
I think that self-control is the ability to keep one’s actions, emotions and desires in check, especially in trying situations.

Examples of discipline:

  • Waking up an hour…

Image from Canva

Chaos is headed toward an unsuspecting world. A world run by tyrants and dictators. Selfishness and cruelty are part of the day, just like inhaling the already polluted air. An unlikely muse sleeps in her bed as an improbable hero runs for his life. The match has been made. Fate has decided.


A crash in the garage startled her awake. Questions filled her mind as hormones filled her body. Her heart pounded so hard she could hear it in her ears. “Should I check it out?” she asked herself. “No, let’s stay here, we’ll be safe here,” interjected…

Image by Chris Liverani via Unsplash

Trigger Warning.

If you prefer being oblivious, please stop here. This post is not for you.

You and I take so much for granted. We’ve grown into entitled beings, and it’s like we’re oblivious to our privilege, in almost the same way that fish don’t know that they live in water.
We’ve overestimated ourselves and underestimated others. Sometimes it’s intentional, other times it’s out of ignorance. We’ve all lost our way and ourselves in the process.
We live in a beautiful but tragic world. It’s pretty because that is how it was made to be, but we’re the ones that make it disastrous.
We already have so much to deal with, in terms of diseases and death…

You are not your mind, your body or your feelings.

You are not how you look, what you own or what you do either.

You are a soul, filled with a collection of subjective roles, experiences, knowledge and personal values.

Once you understand that your mind, your body and your feelings are tools to be used to navigate this beautiful, broken world, your perspective will change.

It’s disheartening to see people define themselves by how they look, what they do, what they have, their title, this list is possibly endless, but you get the train of thought.

It’s been said…

I try,

In the purest,

Most honest of ways,

To make you feel,

But no; you don’t want that…

I try,

In the cutest,

Sexiest way,

To make you want,

But no; you don’t want that…

I try,

In the most obscene,

Most obtuse of ways,

To make you see,

But no; you don’t want that…

Whatever I give is not what you want and whatever you want is not what I give.

I’m not ready to compromise,

But so are you.

Where do we go?

I see love;

In your eyes,

Your smile,

Your tears,

Your insecurities…

I feel love;

In your touch,

Your hugs,

Your kisses,

Your bite…

I hear love;

In your laugh,

Your moan,

Your cry,

When you whisper, you love me…

Everytime you’ll ask me what love is, I’ll be looking at you ♥

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